Do you find it hard to find food that is both delicious and healthy? Well, look no further than my favorite lunch to make at the dining commons. This sandwich can be made at home or with ingredients from the salad bar at any dining commons. You can personalize it to your own taste and make it vegan or non-vegan; it’s your choice!

Morgan Bakowsky / Daily Nexus

– 2 pieces of bread
-Hummus (or your choice of other spread)
-Cucumber slices
-Bell pepper slices
-Red onion
-Shredded carrots
-Lemon (optional)

Morgan Bakowsky / Daily Nexus

How to assemble:
First, spread your hummus on both slices of bread to taste and squeeze lemon juice on top if desired. Next, in this order, layer cucumber slices, beets and red onions on one slice. On the other slice layer bell peppers, shredded carrots and spinach. Add any seasoning that you would like before combining both sides of your sandwich. Enjoy cold or toasted!

Non-Vegan Version:
Just add your choice of sliced cheese or lunch meat. Yummy!