Dinner and a movie: the quintessential date night routine since the dawn of time. Just as couples come in all shapes and sizes, so too do the movies they watch. The movie sets the tone, dictating what will be on the menu and how your evening will pan out.

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“Titanic,” “A Walk to Remember,” “The Vow,” “Me Before You”: You know the ones, the films that will have you reaching for the tissue box and a tub of ice cream to drown your sorrows. Movies like this, while beautiful and romantic, require loads of comfort food to counteract the heart-wrenching emotions they incite. Macaroni and cheese, cheesy pizza and popcorn are all good choices. While not attractive in any sense, let’s be honest — you weren’t going to want your significant other seeing you with mascara running down your face anyway.

Inviting your boo over calls for the cult classics: “The Princess Bride,” “The Notebook,” “Pretty Woman,” “Casablanca.” Now, if you’re going to bring out the classic love stories and send some not-so-subtle hints as to what you’re hoping for in your relationship, you’re going to need your own brand of romance. Literally wine and dine your partner with spaghetti and meatballs and a glass of red wine. Extra points if the meal is homemade and you manage to pull off a “Lady and the Tramp” moment with a shared noodle. Maybe even go the extra mile with some chocolate-covered strawberries. Not only do they look like you tried harder than you did, but they also serve as a natural aphrodisiac.

Sometimes you just want to have a good laugh and watch something guaranteed to end in grand declarations of love. Whether you’re hanging with your girls or cuddling up with your valentine, happy endings come in the form of “Clueless,” “10 Things I Hate About You,” “13 Going On 30” and “Crazy, Stupid, Love.” Tooth-rotting romance calls for all things sweet, whether that be cookies, brownies or just some handfuls of candy. Pop a few chocolate chips in your popcorn and pull your loved one a little closer.


Tiffany Velazquez
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