With finals fast approaching we’re all running short on time to cram either knowledge or genitalia. Fear not! Below is our illustrated guide on how to make the most of your next two weeks.

  1. Table Top

George / Daily Nexus

Bend your bae over, take your textbook out of its wrapping for the first time all quarter and catch up on all those readings you’ve been putting off. Obviously, it makes the most sense for the receiving partner to lean on a desk or a similarly studious surface, but a bed will do in a pinch. Bonus points if the receiving partner takes notes on the book as you read aloud.

  1. 6+9=17

Maybe / Daily Nexus

Conveniently add a textbook in-between your partner’s legs if you’re on top! This way, while you’re down, you’re also not out. Added bonus: Your confidence will skyrocket. This effective and foolproof method for studying and making someone orgasm will make you feel good about your ochem skills as well as your skills in bed.


  1.  The Flash

George / Daily Nexus

Need to do some last-minute cramming while you’re getting stuffed? Hop on top and let your man quiz you on those key terms. This also works with a mobile phone and the Quizlet app.


  1. Studious Scissors

George / Daily Nexus

Grab your essay outline, crack open that laptop, split apart your partner’s legs and get to work. As a bonus, in order to ensure that your laptop stays relatively where your hands are, you have to work your abdominal muscles extra hard to keep yourself in place.

  1. Brainal

Maybe / Daily Nexus

Have a class together? Like to play with your ass together? Have the receiving partner hold a book and read the required homework readings aloud while the partner on top holds them steady via firm ass-grabbing. Note: This works best for lighter readings due to body movements possibly impairing vision and ability to read. Pro tip: Do not try this with a rented textbook!

  1. Double Head

Maybe / Daily Nexus

Give each other head at separate times. The person who is receiving the oral treatment can simultaneously review notes! It’s called “double head” because you’re getting knowledge in your head while you’re getting head.


George and Maybe are passionate about providing their fellow students with only the finest illustrated advice regarding both sex and study habits.