Sometimes you get tired of the same old read-off-the-menu smoothies or snacks so you look for ways to spice up your drink by turning to the secret menu; however, even the online secret menu can get old and you have to look for a secret that’s bigger than a secret menu. Well, do not sweat, because I am here to tell you the second secret menu of Jamba Juice. Not the typical white gummy or sour gummy that everyone knows about. I have been working at Jamba Juice for over a year now, and I can guarantee you that working at a place like that four times a week for five hours a day, you bet I have tried everything on the menu. You name it, and I can tell you the taste and the ingredients. To be completely honest, I have probably tried drinks that you have never even heard of or known you can get at Jamba Juice. Because of this, I am here to reveal the next unknown secret menu of Jamba Juice.

Khuyen Nguyen / Daily Nexus

At this point, you might be wondering, “Which Jamba Juice is she even talking about?” I don’t work at the Jamba Juice on campus nor do I work at the ones in Santa Barbara. In fact, I’m hired at the store in my hometown of Westminster. Sometimes when my coworker and I get bored from the shortage of customers, especially in the winter time, we would try new things and upgrade an average smoothie to a unique and deluxe smoothie. We mix ingredients that we have and play around with the smoothies. It takes several trials and errors to perfect a smoothie that we can show off and call “our own recipe,” and no, we do not waste these smoothies. We purchase them, but with the employee discount of course. I am sure you all have heard of a matcha green tea smoothie. Not the green tea with almond milk, the regular one that is made with soy milk. If you are a fan of matcha and peanut butter, this one is made especially for you. We call it the “matcha green tea with peanut butter;” yes, as simple as the name, that is exactly what it is. All you need to order is a matcha green tea and ask the workers to add in a scoop of peanut butter and blend it all together. From the name alone, it might not sound appealing, but trust me, once you try it, it is something that you will want over and over again. Jamba Juice is well-known for their smoothies, but do not forget that they also sell baked goods and light snacks as well. If you ask anyone what their number-one favorite food from Jamba is, they would probably name the sweet Belgian waffle — there is no denying that it is amazingly delicious. But what if I tell you that you can upgrade that to something even better, like a pseudo-crepe, by adding an extra scoop of frozen yogurt to top it off.

Khuyen Nguyen / Daily Nexus

This might sound insane, but yes, you can order an extra scoop of frozen yogurt or whatever sherbet you desire. You just have to tell the cashier and they’ll follow your order because the customer is their number-one priority.Lastly, I don’t know if any of you have heard of the Gotta Guava Smoothie or the Strawberry Refresher because it was a seasonal drink that not a lot of people have heard of. These two drinks are great when they are alone, but when you combine the strawberry juice with the guava smoothie you will get a smoothie that will blow your mind. This unique drink will take away all your stress and temper on a hot summer day. You might be wondering how you order this. Well that’s what I am about to tell you. The Gotta Guava Smoothie contains a guava juice base with pineapple sherbet, strawberries and peaches. It might sound complicated, but for this special drink all you need to do is replace the guava juice base with the Strawberry Refresher juice that is off the fresh-squeezed juice menu.

So next time you make a stop at a nearby Jamba Juice, check out these secret recipes. Step out of your comfort zone and, who knows, it might be your next favorite.