Kelsey Ferrara / Daily Nexus

Kelsey Ferrara / Daily Nexus

When I was growing up, my favorite summertime treat was always an orange julius. As the weather got warmer, my grandma and I would always use our own recipe when creating this refreshing drink. She was the first person to teach me how to make this fruity dessert which quickly became a tradition between us. The recipe that we always used is very straightforward since neither of us are skilled in the kitchen. This simple drink only uses four ingredients and costs under ten dollars to make. So you and your housemates can enjoy it after a weekend day out on the beach.

If you’re feeling nostalgic or are looking for a tasty new treat, then give this recipe a try. The final product is a vibrant orange color that is thicker than a smoothie but not quite as creamy as a milkshake. It tastes like fruit juice but is a little more sugary. This charming drink is lightly frozen and very sweet, making it a classic dessert on a warm summer evening.

Vanilla extract
Orange juice concentrate

Mix 1 cup of milk and a few drops of vanilla extract. Then add the frozen orange juice concentrate and blend together until combined. Pour in 1/2 cup of ice and blend until the ice cubes are completely crushed and the drink has a thick, frothy texture. Pour into glasses and serve.