Alex Nagase / Daily Nexus

Alex Nagase / Daily Nexus

You’ve heard the news. You’ve made that awkward squeal of joy in the middle of that section in which you don’t know anyone. But now it’s time to revel in the glory that is an on-campus Starbucks — UCSB edition. And no, you shouldn’t be ashamed. Here are some proposed UCSB-specific secret menu items to get you even more excited for next year:

  1. The Long-Distance Biker

An iced passion tea, because iced drinks don’t spill nearly as much as hot drinks do. Plus, if you do spill it all over yourself, you won’t burn yourself and cause a major bike accident.


  1. The Long-Distance Walker

A venti vanilla latte. You have the patience to enjoy a stroll through campus, but you also don’t want to finish it before you get there.


  1. The 10 a.m. at Campbell

Cupcake Frappuccino — because nothing beats hearing the tours stop midday by Campbell Hall where they reference it as “the cupcake building” and then try to convince incoming students that people actually call it that.


  1. The Harold Frank

Black coffee because nothing makes a day worse than black coffee or a trip all the way to the farthest lecture hall on campus.


  1. The After a Long Night of Studying

Freshly brewed coffee with cream and sugar as you like it. Most Starbucks locations will give plain coffee drinkers free refills.


  1. The Phelps, Ellison, Buchanan combo

If you purchase three items at a time, you get 15 percent off your meal. Solely for the purpose of bettering the inconvenience of having to park your bike in the crowded lot by Campbell and having class in a building that needs a renovation.


  1. The “Looking at your Phone Without Looking up”

Anything that you will be okay spilling all over yourself, considering you’ll probably run into someone. So ice water in a venti cup?


  1. The Lawn in Front of the Chem Building

Matcha Green Tea to appreciate the green front lawn of the state-of-the-art science buildings. Matcha has a high concentration of caffeine, which is perfect when you have an 8 a.m. bio lecture and a lab that goes until 10 p.m. all in the same day.


  1. The Overpriced Course Reader

Do you enjoy spending $100 plus on a course reader that you will probably never read? You may also enjoy a trenta latte and/or Frappuccino, a drink totaling over $6.


  1. The Arbor

Venti iced coffee with 2 pumps of caramel and 4 shots of espresso. Both the drink and the location will require you to brace yourself.


  1. The Embarcadero

Currently unavailable. Go to the Starbucks in I.V., it’s closer anyways.