Emily Zhang/Daily Nexus

Emily Zhang/Daily Nexus

I never imagined eating food out of a truck parked on the side of the street, nor did I ever expect it to be the best meal I have ever had. When I used to think of a food truck, I thought of a dingy old van on the side of the road serving food that may or may not be safe to eat. However, all those ideas were swept aside thanks to the food truck “revolution.” Food trucks have become one of the latest crazes in the United States, showing up all over social media and even giving rise to a show on the Food Network. I must say, it is one of the greatest things that could have ever happened to the culinary industry.

The food truck business allows the average home cook to find their inner creative culinary genius and share their talents with the world. Chefs do not need any professional training, all it takes for a successful truck is a passion for food and some imagination to craft unique and delicious recipes. As food trucks are only a fraction of the cost of an actual restaurant, aspiring chefs are pursuing their love for food and venturing out into the business.
Food trucks have introduced the world to some of the most innovative creations out there. As chefs have greater freedom to experiment with the ingredients and change up the menus, they have created some of the most bizarre yet amazingly delicious dishes. Some stick to the good old classics, like mac and cheese, but put their own spin on it.

One truck from Atlanta, Georgia, Mac the Cheese, serves creations such as barbeque mac and cheese, macaroni and cheese with pulled pork piled on top and covered in barbeque sauce. Other trucks, including the Kogi truck from L.A. have experimented with the fusion of foods from different cultures. Kogi brings together classics from Korean and Mexican cuisine with their Korean barbecue short rib tacos.

Trucks are serving those food combinations that you’ve always wanted to try, but you’re too embarrassed to actually admit it; for me that’s chocolate covered bacon. It always sounded like an intriguing combination to me. The Bacon Bacon truck from San Francisco finally gave me the chance to try it. I have to say it was a magical experience. It might have taken several hours at the gym to work off those calories, but it was definitely worth it.

On the other hand, some trucks have decided to go on a more gourmet route. Former farmer Thomas Odermatt pursued his love for food by creating Roli Roti, a gourmet rotisserie food truck. Odermatt has meat on a rotisserie cooking in the truck and cuts off fresh pieces of meat to order. He ingeniously cooks potatoes right under the meat so they can absorb all the delicious, flavorful juices that drip from the slow-cooking meat above. Odermatt, just like countless other food truck owners have created a unique culinary experience where chefs and customers together get to explore the world of food in ways never done before.

The next time you’re checking up on social media and see a food truck is coming near you, definitely stop by to enjoy the wonders they have in store. Better yet, if you have a creative mind, love experimenting with food and, of course, have a little money to spare, open a truck up yourself and share your creations with your fellow food lovers.