C-A-K-E, cake. Just four small letters but with a plethora of special purposes. Birthdays, sporting events, weddings, Mardi Gras, Fourth of July, you name it. Pretty much any emotion you experience can be properly accompanied with a deliciously drizzled slice of cake.
Located a short distance from Isla Vista, Nothing Bundt Cakes just unlocked their doors and announced their grand opening on Calle Real in Goleta. Whether you ride by bus, bike or vehicle, you must get your hands on one of these dream-filled bundt cakes.
In 1997, founders Dena Tripp and Debbie Shwetz combined forces and expanded to entertain more people beyond their own families and friends. With all guaranteed fresh ingredients, their bundt cakes surpassed the experience than others ever made before. It quickly branched out to become a nationwide business that caters to tons of special events.

This past Valentine’s Day, I visited the new business on Calle Real and, let me tell you, I was lost in a hurricane of remarkable head-spinning flavors.
As I reached for the cold metal handles and peeled back the heavy glass doors, a gust of brand new ingredients hung on my nose like a sweet, tart candy cane. Crowds of people swarmed around the tables of trinkets and goodies, and I was instantly greeted by the bright, shining smile of an employee.

As I waited my turn, my eyes trailed around the vibrantly decorated shop. The walls were painted a rich chocolate-chip brown and the furniture a crisp, flawless white. Ribbons of blue and dark brown draped along the back wall over the menu, punctuated with shiny gold medallions. Neon pink, blue and green balloons bobbed up and down elegantly in the air. Each table flaunted a variety of gift ideas, ranging from wine glasses and silverware to key chains and accessories. A table lay on the outskirt of the store with a colossal book of signature-styled cakes for a whole variety of special events and holidays. Completing the voyage around the shop, my eyes landed last on the mesmerizing display of bundtlets, bundtlet towers, bundtinis and tiered cakes. With flavors ranging from Chocolate Turtle, Red Velvet and Pecan Praline to White Chocolate, Cinnamon Swirl and White Chocolate Raspberry, each cake is famously decorated with fresh cream cheese petals or drizzles.

When my time came, I settled on the single-serving bundtlet, which amounted to a wonderful cost of only five bucks. I selected the scarlet batter of Red Velvet as my first flavor. I sunk my teeth into the first layer of smooth cream cheese frosting, followed by the vibrant red cake beneath. It was cold, refreshing and sprung in my mouth like a sponge, releasing every crumb and stream of flavor. My mouth was overcome by a wave of rich melted chocolate chips that danced within the velvet batter substance.

Honestly, I always thought I was not a fan of cake, but WOW! This place has done it. My whole perspective has been flopped on its back. I skipped away with the most satisfyingly fresh feeling in my tummy, as if I have just flounced outside the exit gates of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Here, my friends, is your golden ticket into the Nothing Bundt Cakes bakery!