Halloween in college is equal parts childhood nostalgia and bad decisions. You get to do all the fun stuff you wanted to do when you were little, like stay up all night and eat as much unhealthy crap as you want, but you just happen to be drunk and broke when it happens. I know I for one love shopping in the kid’s section to find skirts that are the appropriate length for my annual holiday outfit, and how many beloved cartoon characters can we expect to see revived as this year’s fun, pop culture costume? To celebrate the fun and fucked up evening that is Halloween, here are some candy and cocktail pairings that make it fun to reach your desired level of intoxication.

1.) Smarties and Smirnoff

vodka and smarties

via Jasmine Vaughn

What better chaser is there than little tabs of pure sugar? Just try not to go too hard and snort them like the cool kids tried to do back in the day.

2.) Red Vines and Champagne

champagne and red vines

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Class it up by drinking the bubbly stuff with a straw, just like you’re in sixth grade again but with less acne and innocence.

3.) Sour Patch Kids and Tequila

tequila and sour patch

via Jasmine Vaughn

Use the sour powder instead of salt and the green gummies instead of lime slices and you’ve got a festive and fun way to not remember what you did tonight.

4.) PSL and Fireball

fireball and PSL

via Jasmine Vaughn

The season’s most loved/hated drink paired with a dearly loved/hated liquor. Set your inner basic self free and watch it try to dance on a table to Nicki Minaj.

5.) Tootsie Rolls and Franzia

box wine and tootsie rolls

via Jasmine Vaughn

If your drink of choice is Franzia, you deserve a candy pairing that is just as desperate and sad.

6.) Zombie Brain Shots


via Jasmine Vaughn

Squeeze lime juice into a shot of vodka, then use a straw to drip Bailey’s or heavy cream into the top of the glass. The lime will curdle your cream, and a cloudy brain should form, which will make up for the brain cells you’ll kill off with a few of these shots.

7.) Vodka Gummi Bears

via tipsybartender.tumblr.com

via tipsybartender.tumblr.com

Just because it’s the most popular candy-based alcohol recipe doesn’t mean it should limit your creativity. Soak gummi bears in vodka, soak gummi worms in vodka, soak candy corn in vodka, or soak your vodka in vodka. Basically drink more vodka.

8.) Candy corn Jell-O shots


This one is pretty low effort if you have any experience with Jell-O shots. It just takes a little color coordination of your flavor choices (coconut, lemon and orange) to make it look like you really tried before getting wasted.

If you pre-gamed too hard for any of these recipes, put some red food coloring in your drink, rip open a bag of bulk candy with your teeth and become the world’s most low-effort alcoholic vampire. If even that is asking too much of you, the combination of binge drinking and candy should be enough spooky entertainment for everyone around you.