Have you ever wanted to throw a party with a theme no one has ever seen before? Well look no further, because we’ve put together a blanket list of themed parties that we think have never been done before … probably for a good reason.

1.) Man Bun


This will be a night not only for the display of Man Bun, but also the appreciation of the hair form and it’s role in I.V. culture.  Guest speakers will include that cool hipster TA you have for that one class, and that other guy you see everywhere, but don’t actually know. Black tie formal.

2.) Everything Plus Clothes

via tonsofcats.com

via tonsofcats.com

Are you bundled up like a Californian in the middle of an Alaskan winter? Add three more layers.

3.) Gardening Hoes and Landscaping Bros


Keep it clean, try to stay out of the headlines.

4.) Basic Bitch Halloween


Come dressed as some kind of cat or bunny only. Guys, too.

5.) Washed ­Up Disney Actors

via funnystack.com

via funnystack.com

“Who are you?” “I’m obviously that one guy that played Beans in ‘Even Stevens!’”

5.) As Seen at Walmart

via babble.com

via babble.com

Come dressed as anything, literally anything.

6.) Soup Hoes and Salad Bros

via pinterest.com

via pinterest.com

There will be an award for “Best Dressinged.”

7.) Glory Days Party


Oh, you played a varsity sport in high school? Tell me more.

8.) Chancellor Yang and Wu Tang

wu tang

The classic combo.

9.) Meninist


Guaranteed to make lots of friends with this one.

10.) Blackout


All black clothes, lights turned off, windows boarded up. Dance and mingle via echolocation.

11.) ’90s Boy Bands

via cookiesandsangria.com

via cookiesandsangria.com

Frost those tips and don those turtlenecks.

12.) Lonely Women With Cats and Really Fun Hats


Bring a cat, bring a hat, bring a cat in a hat.

13.) Obama vs. Putin

via businessinsider.com

via businessinsider.com

Shirtless on a horse?  Speaking about congress like the disappointing stepchild you never wanted? Whatever it is, work it!

14.) Dinosaurs and Body Sores

via iruntheinternet.com

via iruntheinternet.com

Should we dig like archaeologists, or do some digging around in your past?

15.) Awkward Family Photos

via hercampus.com

via hercampus.com

Grab those bigs and littles, it’s going to be an awkward time.

16.) Favorite UCSB Building

via ucsb.edu

via ucsb.edu

That Storke Tower costume will really come in handy here.

17.) Twenty­-Six Amendments


Want to dress up as the second amendment? Here is a descriptive step-by-step guide.

18.) End of the Night


Show up how you feel you would look by the end of the night. When you actually reach the point of going home, you’ll have hit an all time low.

19.) Gross Words


Show up dressed as your least favorite word — finally people will bring some life to “secrete,” “moist,” “bolbous,” “chunky,” and “phlegm!”

20.) Family Reunion

via uberhumor.com

via uberhumor.com

Nothing says party like potato sack races and crying about your childhood.