February 14. While some may know this day as one filled with heart-eyed emojis, romance and mushy feelings, for a lot of us, it’s a reminder of our singleness. Twenty-four hours to hide from the couples, eat your feelings, wallow in loneliness and, above all, celebrate your freedom. Let the countdown begin.

1.) Netflix


Everyone jokes about how Netflix is their significant other. I mean, we spend enough time with it that it might as well be true. So why not make a date with your computer and check out these titles:

If you’re in a sappy mood:

“The Decoy Bride:” In this quirky British romance, a Hollywood star hires a local girl to act as a decoy for paparazzi whilst getting married in Scotland (Time wasted: 89 minutes)

“Ever After:” This classic spin on Cinderella will whisk you away to a land of magic and romance (probably unlike your own). (Time wasted: 121 minutes)

“Much Ado About Nothing (2012):” Joss Whedon’s take on one of Shakespeare’s best plays is just gorgeous. Watch it. Lots of love. Lots of drama. Lots of wit. (Time wasted: 109 minutes)

If you’re in a stabby mood:

The Blair Witch Project:” This cult classic will distract you from your woes by putting you in the mind of someone being haunted by an unknown, demonic force. There are worse things than not having a date for V-Day. (Time wasted: 81 minutes)

“The Haunting in Connecticut 2:” This one isn’t bad for a sequel. There are some surprisingly touching scenes as well. (Time wasted: 100 minutes)

“Silence of the Lambs:” This psychological thriller will take you for a turn through the twisted mind of Hannibal Lecter. It’ll make you glad that you stayed in. (Time wasted: 118 minutes)

 2.) Visit the Batting Cages


East Beach Batting Cages in downtown Santa Barbara is the perfect place to take out your rage. Your ex posted a picture with their new significant other? *Thwack* Your mom asked (pityingly) if you had a date? *Thwack* All your friends ditched you to hop on the love train? *Thwack* After half an hour, you’ll feel much better. (Time wasted: 30 minutes)

3.) Eat your Feelings


Option One: If you have access to an oven, baking is a tasty way to waste some time. Try out some new recipes! Be creative! Try not to burn the house down! Here are some themed recipes to try: allrecipes.com/recipes/holidays-and-events/valentines-day/desserts/ (Time wasted: as much as you want)

Option Two: We all know that restaurants will be packed with cutesy couples on the biggest date-day of the year. Skip the crowds and order in. That way, when you’ve scraped the burnt remains of your baking endeavors off the ceiling, you can sit back and pretend you made that delicious food you are now currently eating. (Time wasted: five minutes)

4.) Events


If you don’t feel like holing yourself up in your room all day, grab a friend and check out one of these events!

Swinging Hearts Swing Dance in the SRB from 8-11 p.m.: Swing dancing is fun. Go retro and twirl to your heart’s content. (Time wasted: three hours)

San Francisco Pillow Fight 6-9 p.m.: If you want to make a weekend of it … San Francisco hosts an annual pillow fight on Valentine’s Day. Feathers will fly. (Time wasted: three hours + travel time)

Weekly comedy shows: UCSB is home to some very funny comedians. Check out one of the weekly comedy shows to get some laughs, maybe even some cries. (Time wasted: no more than two hours)

5.) Make a playlist


Happy music, sad music, dancing music, romantic music … you pick. Whatever songs float your boat and validate your emotions, add ‘em to the list. Then have a dance party. Dancing releases endorphins and, hey, you don’t have to worry about embarrassing yourself in front of anyone anyway! (Time wasted: up to you)

Some personal favorites include:

“Young, Dumb and in Love” by Mat Kearney


“Shut up and Dance” by Walk the Moon


“Geronimo” by Sheppard


“You Make my Dreams” by Hall & Oates


6.) If all else fails, stick to the classics.


Alcohol and chocolate. Remember, Feb. 15 is when all the candy goes on sale, so don’t feel bad about depleting your stash.
Go forth, my fellow singles, and enjoy your freedom!