Scrumptious, delicious and warm happiness overwhelmed me as I plunged head first into my sandwich. A bite into South Coast Deli’s special will propel you on your own journey to a clear mind. The Marin, with strips of chicken between an Italian Roll smothered in creamy basil mayonnaise, is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. Needless to say, the tastes are off the chart, and the ingredients’ freshness resonates with every bite.

If you’re not in the mood for the classic Sammie, plunge into the massive Asian Greens with Chicken Salad with two type of crispy cabbage, chicken, sweet and spicy sesame dressing and a special little crunch that I dare not mention.

South Coast Deli’s newest location is experimenting with a range of new features including breakfast specials, beer on tap and outdoor televisions. Whether you are looking for a Walk of Shame pick me up on the weekend, or a scrumptious toasted Sammie — this fine establishment offers it all with over 50 options on their menu. I have been waiting for a top-notch deli to make their presence in Isla Vista, and the heavyweight champion has just entered the ring. Delicious beers on tap combined with the best sandwiches in Santa Barbara have allowed me to find a new home in I.V. Now I will be able to knock boots with the DeliBoy himself while trading food advice and superhero fashion secrets.