UCSB will host University of California student Regent Alfredo Mireles Jr. and student Regent-designate Jonathan Stein today as part of the team’s system-wide tour to promote open dialogue with their constituents.

The pair will take the podium to address the impact UC’s budget constraints have on students at Associated Students Legislative Council’s weekly meeting in the UCen Flying A room at 5 p.m. This discussion is the first such undertaking initiated by the student Regents and is open to the entire student body.

Stein, who will replace Mireles as student Regent for 2012-2013, said the tour gives students an outlet forum to share their perspectives on the Regents’ proceedings in the current fiscal climate.

“Student opinion is extremely important, especially because the Regents are about to make huge decisions concerning affordability and the future of the schools,” Stein said. “I hope we have a really active, robust conversation.”

Mireles said the meeting will include discourse on possible budget solutions that would be accessible to the average student.

“The goal is to educate student leaders on exactly what the situation is concerning the budget and the future of the UCs,” Mireles said. “I study this stuff obsessively. Even the most engaged students don’t have access to the same resources that I do.”

Mireles graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in sociology and is a graduate student in Health Policy Nursing at UC San Francisco. He has experience as a legislative aide in the state assembly and has worked as a registered nurse at San Francisco General Hospital.