Despite overseeing a Fall unallocated budget of merely $27,537, the Associated Students Finance Board was able to allot $16,061 to 11 student organizations during last night’s three-hour meeting.

The board fully funded Sigma Alpha Zeta and UCSB Dance Team while partially funding Gamma Phi Beta, Technology Services Committee, Beta Theta Pi, Model United Nations, Lambda Sigma Gamma, Raagmala, Ice Skating Club and Lambda Theta Nu. The board utilized $3,500 from the academic teams budget, $3,559 from the Student Initiated Outreach Program and $3,000 from sports clubs, leaving $21,500 in the Fall unallocated budget.

Gamma Phi Beta sorority requested funding for their pancake breakfast philanthropy on Sunday, Oct. 23 at their sorority house. The annual event provides an all-you-can-eat meal of pancakes, eggs, bacon, juice and coffee for $5 pre-sale and $6 at the door.

According to Gamma Phi Beta member Yeni Nguyen, a third-year sociology major, the event feeds back into charity efforts conducted by the group’s chapters around the country.

“Proceeds from this philanthropy go to Camp Fire USA and all Gamma Phi Beta houses in the country participate in this event, so it’s something we really support,” Nguyen said. “About one thousand people have come to our breakfast in past years.”

Finance Board member Eduardo Magana said funding should generally be scaled back for groups in light of Finance Board’s tighter budget.

“I agree that this is a great event, but due to everyone cutting back I think it’s important that we start now in cutting back funding as well,” Magana said. “I agree we shouldn’t fund based on the group or organization but everyone is cutting back on their spending.”

The board eventually decided to allocate $650 to Gamma Phi Beta.

Technology Services Com-mittee requested funding for their three LAN parties this year, which will provide students with free access to video games and a social environment for multiplayer gaming on Nov. 19 at the Loma Pelona Center.

According to Dmitriy Gekker, a fourth-year chemistry major, these gatherings have attracted significant crowds in the past.

“We’re expecting over one hundred people to attend and play video games from 12 noon to 12 midnight,” Gekker said.

The board eventually allocated $580 to Technology Services Committee’s Fall Quarter LAN party.

The Ice Skating Club requested funding for their ice blocking event set to take place on Saturday, Oct. 15 on Lagoon Hill.

According to the club’s president and founder Sarah Feldman, a third-year economics and computer science major, the luge-like activity is intended to boost the club’s presence on this campus.

“It’s hard for us to grow our membership because UCSB has such a tropical environment,” Feldman said. “One of the events we like to have is ice block sledding and it’s our way of bringing ice to paradise. It’s a great way for us to maintain our on-campus presence without traveling to Oxnard. We tripled our turnout between our first and second years on this campus, so we hope we can get even more students to participate.”

The board decided to allocate $465 to Ice Skating Club.