The third annual Pardall Carnival will take place this Saturday in Isla Vista to bring students and local residents together to learn more about various campus groups and businesses.

The UCSB Associated Students, Isla Vista Community Relations Committee and A.S. External Vice President of Local Affairs Office organized the event to help unite the campus and its neighboring community. The fair will include inflatable attractions, a 40-foot Ferris wheel, a dunk tank featuring the A.S. EVPLA and President and booths with free T-shirts to showcase local organizations.

According to IVCRC External Chair Kaitlyn Christianson, the program began as a way to recognize and celebrate the area’s non-student population.

“We realized that most of our funding goes toward students and we need to acknowledge that we are not the only people who live in I.V.,” Christianson said. “We tried really hard this year to make sure the festivities are children-oriented — we have the bounce house and a giant inflatable obstacle course.”
Despite the attractions, A.S. EVPLA Tim Benson said the event is primarily designed as an outreach effort and showcase of local attractions.

“We want to reach out to the I.V. community because I feel like there might be some animosity towards students,” Benson said. “We also want to reach out to the freshmen to show them that there is more to I.V. than cruising DP on Friday and Saturday nights.”

This year’s committee is working alongside the I.V. Teen Center and various other youth projects to focus on publicity for features that will appeal more to younger participants, Christianson said.

According to IVCRC Internal Chair Dana Magallanes, the fair will include a wider variety of campus organizations and local businesses than last year.

“The carnival will feature a table for everything from Miss Behavin’ to the Vietnamese Student Club,” Magallanes said. “We have 50 tables this year as opposed to 40 last year, along with a waitlist.”

Second-year Celia Turner said she expects the event to help her learn about some lesser-known campus groups.

“I didn’t know about it last year but I definitely want to attend this year,” Turner said. “It seems like a fun way to showcase all of the campus clubs and a nice change of pace for I.V.”