The Democratic Process Party announced its candidates for the Associated Students Spring Quarter election ballot yesterday.

In respect of A.S. campaign regulations, members of DPP did not directly advertise their party affiliation during nomination and voting at Wednesday’s primary, and after receiving the results yesterday. DPP is the only party in the UC system that allows the student body to choose political contenders. Official campaigning for the A.S. spring election is allowed starting April 10 at 8 p.m. and students can vote on G.O.L.D. from April 18 to April 21.

Voters elected Stanley Tzankov as president, Joel Mandujano as internal vice president, Elysse Madarang as executive vice president of statewide affairs and Nicole Leopardo as external vice president of local affairs. The Student Advocate General, who will fill the last spot on the executive board, cannot affiliate itself with any student party and was therefore not selected at the DPP primary.

Additionally, six students were selected to campaign for representative-at-large, 12 for off-campus representative, five for the on-campus representative positions and one for university owned off-campus housing representative.

Voters can select — depending on where they reside — up to six reps-at-large, 12 off-campus reps, five on-campus reps or one university owned off-campus housing rep.

Representative-at-Large Danielle Mayorga, a DPP party organizer and fourth-year linguistics and communication major, said the “progressive” party was organized to promote a more egalitarian electoral process.

“We formed because we wanted to make attaining a position in A.S. accessible and democratic,” Mayorga said.

According to Off-Campus Representative Tiffany Mayville, a DPP party organizer and fourth-year environmental science major, the party welcomes any student who runs for office.

“We thought A.S. was supposed to be an entity for everyone, but we realized that it didn’t work that way,” Mayville said. “We want to encourage anyone to get involved in A.S. Anyone can run and anyone can vote.”

A.S. President and Executive Councilmember Paul Monge-Rodriguez, a fourth-year sociology and global studies major, said DPP hopes to attain the most representation of any party within the association.

“I think the primaries create a way for people throughout the community to represent issues,” Monge-Rodriguez said. “It’s a powerful place for students to come together and share their concerns and hopes as well as a place for students to feel empowered to get involved.”

University-owned housing representative Alfredo Del Cid, party organizer and fourth-year sociology major, said the coalition is rapidly gaining support.

“The turnout is tremendously greater this year,” Del Cid said. “It shows that students want change. Historically, A.S. parties had a system in place and we decided to go another way. Students have a right to decide who runs.”