-Represent A.S. on all I.V. and county issues
-Hold a forum once per quarter in front of the UCen

-Maximum honorarium of $400 per quarter
-Full payment of university-assessed fees for term of office.

The Nexus endorses OPP candidate Corilyn “Cori” Lantz for external vice president of local affairs. Lantz has an impressive résumé including a position as I.V. community relations committee chair, where she was able to work on Isla Vista events like Pardall Carnival and Chilla Vista. Some of her goals, like an Isla Vista community center and student-owned rental housing, are not realistically attainable and, we believe, a waste of time. Still, her past achievements coupled with her knowledge of the A.S. and its policies qualify her for the job.

Lantz is far and away the more experienced of the two candidates. B.O.S.S. candidate Ahmed Naguib’s plans demonstrated a lack of understanding of county procedure and the role of A.S. in the community. As long as Lantz keeps her sights set on plausible goals, she would succeed as EVPLA. For her merits and her motivation, Cori Lantz receives the Nexus endorsement.