So, we made it over the hump. Well, except for those who keeled over. I don’t care about them, though, other than that they will prove my point. Because I’m a heartless ‘human who happens to believe that Wednesdays kill. And they kill dead. Now, there are those of you who may have slept or gone to Disneyland all day yesterday, but not all of us were so lucky. Some of us have the most grueling, offensive, I-want-to-die Wednesdays on the face of the planet. And most of the time they don’t even offer up what their title suggests, which is a little bit of that lovin’ hump. Why, oh, why is irony not on my side?

Tomorrow’s Forecast: Alanis Morissette comes forward to say “No, Weatherhuman, irony is not against you. In fact, it doesn’t even mean what you think it does. So there.”