Harder Stadium drew a crowd of thousands Saturday for the 30th annual Extravaganza concert, featuring headliner Ludacris.

An estimated 12,000 people packed onto the field for the free concert, hosted by the A.S. Program Board. This year’s lineup featured Boombox Orchestra, Willy Northpole, Rebelution, The Cool Kids, Cold War Kids and Girl Talk, with closing act Ludacris. In addition, Deejay Raph – who won this year’s Associated Students Battle of the DJ’s – kept the crowd bobbing their heads and moving their feet between the festival’s main acts with his own mixes.

Ludacris proved to be the most anticipated act, and for some his appearance didn’t come soon enough. Erica Linard, a third-year aquatic biology major, said she enjoyed Ludacris’ throwback tunes but noticed people were restless waiting for his set to start.

“I wish he had come on earlier,” Linard said. “We were starting to get sick of standing around so many sweaty armpits. I recognized a lot of his songs, which was a plus, but it was kind of like being at a middle school dance.”

Even with an at-times restless crowd, local Deejay Raph’s tracks held their own, fourth-year sociology major Luke Kelley said.

“My boy Deejay Raph is fucking killin’ it right now,” Kelley said. “He’s just keeping the crowd amped in between sets, and he’s holding it down for Santa Barbara. With the shit he’s spinning, I don’t even want Girl Talk or Ludacris to come on, because Raph is killin’ it!”

Following the show, Deejay Raph said that performing in front of the rowdy Harder Stadium crowd was a great experience.

“Being able to play in front of so many people and to see their reaction to the songs that I produced like my Thizzle Dance remix, was amazing,” Raph said. “I had a lot of fun.”

This year also featured a surprise guest, rapper Asher Roth, who was sporting a UCSB sweatshirt.

“I got to get the proper attire on,” Roth said as he emerged on the stage. “I saw all the smoke, and I thought that you guys got started without me. You guys want to go on a blunt cruise real quick? If you don’t know what a blunt cruise is, then you’re missing out.”

Jenna Souza, a third-year communication major, said she enjoyed Roth’s hit single, but sensed the crowd was antsy for the closing act.

“I liked his ‘I Love College’ song,” Souza said. “He kept trying to get the crowd pumped by like telling jokes and stuff. It was kind of funny, but I think that everyone wanted to see Luda.”

Sgt. Matt Bowman, spokesman for the UC Police Department, said the packed stadium also saw its fair share of drunken mishaps.

“We have had to make a few alcohol-related arrests,” Bowman said. “We have had to respond to a number of medical calls as well.”

Kelsey Shwander, a third-year biochemistry major, said she witnessed one of these drunken mishaps firsthand.

“One of the highlights of the show was seeing this girl acting wild during The Cool Kids,” Shwander said. “She was rolling on the ground shouting ‘I’m not drunk’ and then when she stood up she just fell into one of the cops.”