Today’s the big day: the day when you get to put in action that evilly genius plot you’ve masterminded over the last month to get your roommate back once and for all. What’s that you say? You didn’t come up with one? Why that’s just plain un-American. But for those of you needing last minute pranks to save face, I’ll present you with a list of things not to do.

-Tell your friend’s girlfriend he’s breaking up with her. Or your own for that matter. No breaking up today, anyone.
-Pay your rent with a quickly-sketched-on-a-napkin IOU in lieu of a check.
-Log onto GOLD and drop all your friend’s classes. Unless it’s one of those friends you really, really hate. In that case, go for it.

Tomorrow’s forecast: April makes fools of us all. Also, 75 and sunny.