Political enthusiasts and music lovers gathered at Anisq’ Oyo’ Park Sunday afternoon to learn about local candidates, register to vote and listen to live music.

The Associated Students-sponsored event offered students an opportunity to re-register to vote at their current addresses and learn about local candidates and the propositions on the ballot. While a majority of students came simply to re-register, many stayed to listen to the live music and political pandering.

The candidates vying for the 3rd district supervisor seat spoke to a small crowd and tabled at the event, speaking with potential voters. Congresswoman Lois Capps and her opponent Matt Kokkonen also attended to talk about national issues.

Andrew Picard, a third-year political science major, worked the event, helping students re-register and encouraging them to vote on Nov. 4.

“It’s really important because people in I.V. think they don’t have an impact,” Picard said. “We’re here to show them that it’s important to get involved.”

Liz Buda, a fourth-year film studies major and candidate for the Isla Vista Recreation and Parks Board, spoke too, focusing on her concerns about the I.V. Master Plan. Buda said she wants to ensure that “the vision of the plan matches with the vision of the community.”

Candidate Matt Kokkonen, a businessman who is running against Lois Capps for the local congressional seat, also campaigned at the event. Kokkonen spoke out against the financial bailout and Capps’ vote to support it.

“[Lois Capps’] vote to bailout Wall Street was wrong” Kokkonen said. “It isn’t right for the older generation to make you pay off the national debt incurred by spending.”

However, Campus Democrat President Chrissy Elles, a fourth-year environmental studies and political science major said she believes students should throw their support behind Capps again.

“Lois has been a great friend to students, always making sure they are well represented,” Elles said. “There is no reason for us to go for another representative. Lois is the best”

The music, however, was an attraction for many at the event. Bands that preformed included Low vs Diamond and the Boombox Orchestra.

Asher Wallis, a fourth-year religious studies and art history major, said he felt information coming directly from candidates like Kokkonen seemed biased toward the student vote. Wallis said that he feared the politicians were simply pandering to the crowd.