Goodness gracious, the tides are beginning to turn! Good news, fellow conservatives: The Democratic Party is on the verge of implosion. With all of the uproar about Sen. Barack Obama’s racist, anti-Semitic pastor and Sen. Hillary Clinton’s heroic journey through Bosnia, voters are beginning to unveil the hidden truth behind the Democrats’ agenda: They lie, and they get endorsed by Louis Farrakhan. Oh dear! Does this mean the Democrats face an unfathomable defeat in the coming general election? Perhaps, but in order to secure this victory, Sen. John McCain needs to grasp this opportunity.

Recent Gallup Polls show 28 percent of Clinton supporters will vote for McCain if Obama is declared the Democratic nominee. If Clinton is declared the nominee, 19 percent of Obama’s supporters will vote for McCain. McCain has also jumped to double-digit leads over the two Marxists, but this isn’t a fact to get hyped up about – we still have a long way to go before the general election.

What does this say about the Democratic Party’s stability? We have James Carville referring to Bill Richardson as “Judas” for endorsing Obama, and we have three Democratic lawmakers whose trip to Iraq was funded by Saddam Hussein. I watch this debacle every day, and I begin thinking to myself, “This is a joke!” Here we have a candidate, Obama, whose campaign is treated as the second coming, and people are besotted by this man’s ability to speak. What about Mitt Romney? Remember his “Faith in America” speech? Absolutely brilliant. Oh, I forgot, Obama is going to unite the country! But he must not be referring to me, or any other person of my race. I mean, we’re just “typical white people,” as Obama so tenderly put, right?

We have another candidate, Clinton, who’s the antithesis of truthfulness. However, I must give her more credit. It must have been pretty difficult to avoid all of that sniper fire while still managing to listen to a poem read by a little girl. What a brave woman!

Attention, America: Wake up! I hope you are aware of the Democrats’ plans to raise not only your taxes, but the white flag as well. Obama recently stated he wants to raise the capital gains tax, claiming to target the “rich,” when in actuality, he is targeting anyone who invests, which exceeds 100 million Americans. Listen, this “class warfare” rhetoric and this idea of “shared prosperity,” which Hillary so vehemently advocates, needs to end. Tell me, how is it fair for the government to provide someone’s happiness at the expense of another? Far-left liberals incessantly yelp, “It’s not fair that people are rich!” Why do people get jobs? Because they want to earn the green and achieve success! If we punish individuals for being too acquainted with the “Benjamins,” then where is the incentive to become rich? Liberals don’t care – they just see government as the source of their rights, rather than as the protector.

Democrats also seek surrender in Iraq, claiming our military is incapable of completing their mission. “Support the troops, bring them home!” “Support firefighters, don’t let them fight fires!” Yes, the number of troop deaths has passed 4,000, which is 4,000 too many. War is hell. We all know that. However, I support our troops, as well as their mission to defend this land from evil. Unfortunately, it might take another 9/11 before liberals realize a danger still lurks in the shadows. Still, Obama’s idea of having a tea party with our enemies sounds appealing, but only if there are crumpets, too!

Listen voters, open your eyes and take a gander at the Democrats’ agenda. Marxism is not the solution. I encourage you to make like Teddy Kennedy after the Chappaquiddick incident, and embrace the values of conservatism. Free market solutions, lower taxes, a stronger military and a secure border are the right choices. Trust me… I mean, I’m not claiming to be under sniper fire, too, am I?