Former PLO operative and terrorist Walid Shoebat is coming to campus this Wednesday to explain “the truth behind the propaganda” of anti-Israel rhetoric. Shoebat has traveled widely to speak out against his past beliefs.

Hopefully Shoebat’s lecture will shed more light than heat on a topic frequently debated in UCSB’s classrooms and on its walkways. In a respectful nod to such serious discussion, the ‘human has made the wise decision not to make a joke about this subject.

In fact, this week I will metaphorically barricade my humor from politics, building a large concrete wall and razor-wire fences to separate the two. Check points will be established with strict policies on what may pass through: Israeli-Arab conflict jokes, no. Gerald Ford death jokes, yes.

Monday’s Forecast: And no jokes about Gwen Stefani’s latest hit, “Challah-back Girl.”