The fact that the words “Leg Council” are in this sentence probably means you’ve already lost interest. If you’re still reading, congratulations, you’ve finished the crossword puzzle and Sodoku and have nothing else to do. If you’re still reading now, let me explain how Leg Council functions.

Do you remember that big bully on the schoolyard playground? Now, do you remember that whiny little bitch who always fell down and cried? Leggies, with few exceptions, are the schoolyard bully -bitches who cry when you don’t agree with them. They’ll walk up to you and demand your milk money in order to finance something you don’t care about, but when you push them away, they crawl back to mama – having never learned how to walk. Luckily, their mothers’ breasts sag so low it doesn’t take much effort for them to lift their head and suckle.

Thursday’s forecast: The Nexus gets protested and no one defends us, because no one gives a shit about A.S.