Do you ever sit around, maybe in the slow stretch between your X-rated AIM chats with young boys and cashing in the millions you made from your fraudulent land sales and just spend time thinking about ways to screw over your country? No? Oh… I guess it’s just Congress then.

That’s right, in what must be their most recent effort to dissolve our nation’s borders completely, California legislators are now actively encouraging illegal immigrants to take advantage of all the freaking handouts that brought them here illegally in the first place. As if the thousands of legal citizens that take advantage of our welfare state don’t pose enough of a fiscal burden to the unfortunate, tax-paying, contributing members of society as it is, now the California liberal elite have decided it would also be a great idea to recruit even more of them, no citizenship required.

Why should your tax dollars go to silly measures like, oh, I don’t know, national security at a time when we are sustaining daily damage in a war we weren’t prepared for, or education, when California’s students are exhibiting the lowest achievement levels in the state’s history?! Instead, spend it on a media campaign. Instead, send the tax revenue to the Spanish TV and radio station icons so they can buy more obscenely bright-colored ensembles, and aim to convince California’s massive illegal immigrant population that they have no need to fear the government or being deported, that we Americans embrace those who violate our supposed “laws” and in fact, we reward them with free food and benefits!

Although the Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Service has already joined with the Mexican Embassy in a commitment to distribute pamphlets – in Spanish, por supuesto – and to create public service announcements that inform immigrants about the abundance of federal aide available to them, Orange County is among the first counties to expand this backward effort even further. The county has even cooked up a catchy gimmick to effectively eliminate even the most minimal effort that might keep one who has even the slightest desire to reap the benefits of over-taxation from doing so. The organization offers “Food Stamps in Four Hours,” which includes buses for transporting Latinos to the classroom, all applications and directions translated for them and assistance in completing the short application. I wonder, do they throw in fraudulent social security numbers as well?

Without faltering in their blatant liberal partiality, the Los Angeles Times noted that the Orange County strategy has been “lauded throughout the state as a way to reach immigrants who are reluctant to get help from the government.” Awesome… except, why is it wrong to be reluctant to get help from the government?

Hey you immigration supporters, isn’t the argument that these illegals from Mexico, or “undocumented persons,” for those of you who are terminologically sensitive, have admirable work ethics and will do the jobs that American citizens “won’t do?”

First, if Americans won’t do certain jobs, it can only be an indication that the alternative to working, namely our inflated welfare system, is far too appealing. Since when is it acceptable and not considered arrogant for unskilled American citizens who are in need of an incomes to consider certain jobs “below” them?

Furthermore, if the “work ethics” that are so commonly employed in the liberal, pro-immigration rhetoric are equated with doing labor at depressed wages, these “ethics” are terribly damaging to American citizens who can no longer earn livable wages because they must compete with illegals who have the appeal of lessening their employer’s tax burden. Futhermore, it will be interesting to see how well said ethics will be sustained once an easily accessible alternative is extended to immigrants as well. Indeed, the fear of being deported may have prolonged the willingness of immigrants to work those “menial” jobs that we Americans are apparently too good for, but with efforts like Orange County’s, this may not be the case in the very near future.

Daily Nexus columnist Courtney Stevens wishes she had an interrobang key on her keyboard.