Editor, Daily Nexus,

In response to the article by Justin Ruhge (“Liberals, Ever Heard Of Communism?” Daily Nexus, Oct. 18), it should be said that the foundation of any liberal sentiment is not to further any communist or socialist agenda, as Mr. Ruhge claims. Rather, it’s to establish the notion of change or encourage different perspectives. A minority of those leaning leftward might defend socialism or its oft-totalitarian bedfellow, but the idea that corporations shouldn’t be allowed to rape the earth and its natural resources, the government should be more than a push pin for droppings bombs and collecting taxes, and teachers, students or any thinking party has not just a right but a duty to question the fallacies of a free-market system is not socialism, communism, fascism, or any sinister plot. It’s empathy for a world in a state of discontent. In a time in which the world is more conflicted than perhaps it has ever been, Mr. Ruhge’s paranoid condemnation of free thought doesn’t only seem simple-minded, it’s offensive.