It’s official. Nothing brings people together like sex and violence.

Pi Kappa Alpha’s Fight Night brought challengers from all over California – and one from France that ended up stealing the show – save the crowd-pleasing, scantily clad sorority ring girls. The 6’3″, 203-pound Louie Bousquet gave the Thunderdome crowd the most dramatic fight of the night in a three-round thriller.

Facing slightly smaller Anthony Luongo of San Diego, Bousquet found himself bending after the first round, but he would never break. An even, blow-exchanging second round and a chant of “USA, USA” inspired by the ring girls of Alpha Delta Pi set the stage for the third and final round.

Luongo initiated the first punch, but it would be his last landed knock of the night. Determined, Bousquet landed a series of hooks, and with it, swept the momentum away from Luongo, and before the enthused Thunderdome crowd knew it, Bousquet had his opponent red and on the floor.

“I wanted to wait for him but he kept coming quickly and caught me off guard a few times,” Bousquet said. “After we were about tied, he came at me too hard and I was surprised because he was coming at me from every direction.”

The third fight of the night pitted technically sound boxer Will Van Wignen against Moorpark, Calif., fighter Jason “Opie” Braun. Van Wignen used a possessed jab attack throughout the first two rounds, pinning Braun up against the ropes on several occasions. In the third, Van Wignen picked up right where he left off, landing two haymakers and bringing the crowd to its feet after pummeling Braun’s head in a corner.

“He had great skill, but no endurance,” Van Wignen said. “I just wanted to come at him strong because I knew he’d be throwing wild once he got tired.”

The following fight turned out to be more of a backyard scuffle gone wrong than an organized bout. The 5’8″ Elliot took on a late addition to the bill, scrapper Andrew Morello. An even and reserved first round preceded a wild and flailing second round. Elliot appeared to have the upper hand by way of his street-fighter mentality, but a calm and collected Morello turned the momentum 180 degrees with five consecutive blows to Elliot’s thinking box. Elliot showed signs of life in the third round but Morello proved to be too much, overwhelming his exhausted counterpart.

“I kept him on the outside well,” Morello said. “I wanted to cross him over and get him on the ropes and it worked.”
The main event featured two unevenly matched opponents in Pike’s Ryan Grant and Phi Sigma Kappa’s Patrick Goforth. Grant towered over stout but feisty Goforth, and he used his leaner frame to outlast his opponent. After no more than a minute, Goforth sprung a leak of blood in his nose, and it was only a matter of time before he threw in the towel.

In other fights, Pike’s Kevin Barger defeated Evan Eltinge in a technical knockout, Alpha Epsilon Pi’s Brandon Gecht won a slim decision over Sigma Chi’s Kevin Sanderson, Cris Cope of Carmel Valley, Calif., beat the heavily tattooed Mike Gonzalez in a relatively low-static bout, and Pike’s Daniel Dominguez dominated his heavier but slower opponent, Anthony Davis, by way of TKO.

Fight Night also featured a special Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) presentation by Santa Barbara Martial Arts. Justin Goodman of SB Martial Arts took on Santa Barbara Fight Team’s Critter Mooney in a kickboxing grapple. Goodman emerged from the fight victorious after a high-momentum turnaround kick to the Mooney’s chest.