This is a response to the column printed on Jan 14 entitled “Assignments or State-Sponsored Eco-terrorism?” (Daily Nexus).

Daniel Haier, well-known apologist for reactionary elements in our community, is clearly trying to ensure the obliteration of the human race with his half-measures. Haier doesn’t even address the “justified/column left” issue, which must be the foundation of any sensible kerning policy. Oh he’s probably doing that snorty chuckle thing he does right now, as he thinks (snort-chuckle), “No one even gets how ironic it was that I had 10,000 copies of my screed against wasted paper printed up.” We get it, fascist, and we here at Students Making Urgent Gestures/People Offering Intelligent Lessons (SMUG/POINTLESS) are not amused – we never are. And we will not be swayed from our ultimate goal of a constitutional amendment against printers and heavy fines for unauthorized penmanship. But even in the interim, we will accept no plan that is not appropriately high-handed, capricious or of dubious social merit. Remember: Paper doesn’t grow on trees.