Editor, Daily Nexus,

The newly formed Student Coalition for Peace calls on UCSB students to join hundreds of other college campuses and participate in the national one-day student strike on March 5, 2003. We believe that the great majority of students are, at the very least, curious and skeptical about a potential war on Iraq. On March 5, we have organized several hours of events and alternative education to provide critical information and unique perspectives on these issues to the campus community

The day will begin with a student walkout and a gathering in the Arbor at 11:30, followed by a march to the Women’s Center lawn for a short rally with several speakers. Afterward, a series of educational events and film screenings will take place at the MultiCultural Center Theater and in the UCen. From a lecture by Noam Chomsky at Stanford University last year, to testimonials from the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation’s Leah Wells, who returned from Iraq just last week, the events will hopefully appeal to individuals who know where they stand and to those who feel that they need more information. Last but not least, a peace concert featuring Idiot Savant and Falsehood will take place in Anisq’ Oyo’ Park starting at 5 p.m. For details about March 5 and much more, check out the group’s website, www.studentcoalitionforpeace.org.

The events surrounding the potential war on Iraq will be the most important of our generation. We believe that UCSB students should acknowledge the profound significance of our current circumstances by taking advantage of this opportunity to educate themselves and discuss their views with others. This will likely be one of the last events focusing on Iraq to take place before our government initiates a large-scale invasion of the country and thousands of human beings just like us meet a grisly fate in our names. War is almost here! Are you prepared?