CafŽ Del Mar Volume Seven is an acceptable compilation of downbeat ambient techno and house with a few Latin jazz pop songs thrown in for good measure. Stitched together by the enigmatic Bruno, the album is consistent in formula, combining ethereal synth orchestration, female club vocalists and simple, mellow beats. Put them all together and you wind up with some sexy music.

Bedrock, the coupling of John Digweed with producer Nick Muir, contributes “Beautiful Strange,” a track that quickly establishes itself as a many-layered piece of pretty, progressive trance that keeps on going repetitiously for three minutes. The album redeems itself with A New Funky Generation’s “One More Try,” a song of classical Spanish guitar prowess, searing percussion and invigorating vocals by Joy Rose. Out of the context of the bedroom (or should I say flop room), the most likely place you would find this album is in the disc changer of a posh downtown restaurant where neither you nor I could afford to dine. There is nothing on CafŽ Del Mar that hasn’t been done before, but if you want to add another album to “hook up” to, this would do the trick. Just don’t try it on the first date – way too obvious.