Associated Students Legislative Council representatives will offer condolences to the victims of Friday’s tragedy and call for a week of “reflection and remembrance,” along with normal business tonight in their weekly meeting.

Rep-at-Large Shaina Walter, who authored the position paper, said she did not expect anyone on the council to object. She said a third resolution, to create a UCSB chapter of Students Against Drunk Driving, may be cut because authorities have not yet indicated whether alcohol was involved.

Beyond the position paper, Walter said help should be available to people with problems. “No matter what kind of problem it is, whether it’s a drinking problem, or a drug problem or an emotional problem, people need to recognize that and be able to get help,” she said.

In other business, the council plans to take up election-code reform. Last Wednesday it voted to approve reforms eliminating run-off elections and substituting a new system, in which students would vote for their first and second choice for A.S. executive offices. If no one receives a majority of votes, the top two candidates would advance, and the second votes of those who did not vote for one of the top two candidates would be added to the original totals.

A.S. President Mahader Tesfai vetoed the bill and wrote back to the council, “This new elections code is sending the message loud and clear to the UCSB student body that their vote does not count.” He also cited constitutional violations and a lack of deliberation time in his veto.

“They’re passing this e-code that has all these reforms and revisions in it, and there wasn’t any dialogue about it,” Tesfai said. “I think by vetoing it, we won’t be making any forced decisions that aren’t in the best interests of the student body.”

Tesfai’s veto was turned in six minutes late. Judicial Council will rule whether or not the veto is valid.

Leg Council meets at 7 p.m. in the Flying A Room of the UCen.