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A Breakdown of Nutrition Labels

When deciding what to eat, we want the most filling and flavorful foods. Given that students are pressed for time and money, it becomes more difficult to meet nutritional and caloric needs.

Cathy Busby, pictured by a lava flow in Hawaii, will lead a depth record for undersea drilling.
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UCSB Scientists to Drill 2,000 Meters Below Sea

This coming March UCSB Earth Science professor Cathy Busby will lead a group of over 50 scientists on an expedition off the coast of Japan to discover more about how continents form. The expedition will take place at the site of the Izu-Bonin Arc, a boundary extending over 2,800 kilometers from Tokyo, Japan to beyond Guam.

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Scientists Discover Ancient and Luminous Supernovae

Imagine how bright something must be in order for us to see it from 10 billion light-years away, or approximately 9.5 x1025 meters. Often it is bright enough to keep us awake during an all-night finals study session.

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Searching for Dark Matter a Mile Underground

To cap off the year in science, the European journal Nature named the Large Underground Xenon Dark Matter (LUX) experiment­­­ — a search for dark matter in which faculty of the physics department at UCSB contributed instrumentally to the design — as a major breakthrough in their “365 Days: 2013 in review.”

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Late Bedtime? Expect Lower GPA, More Emotional Stress

Researchers at the Golden Bear Sleep & Mood Research Clinic at UC Berkeley recently found that teenagers who go to sleep later are more likely to face emotional and academic problems down the road than their earlier-sleeping peers.