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The Role of College: How Important is the Ivory Tower?

As the cost and expectations of higher education shift, Sabrina Hodjati asks what role UCSB should play in the changing college landscape.
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An Awkward Wednesday Hump: Thursday Edition

Our first Hump of the year! Jordan Metz shares her experience with an unfortunately uncommunicative BDSM fan
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If You Can’t Skate, Don’t

Nik Frey has something to say to everyone on campus who doesn't know what they're doing on a skateboard.
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Editorial Statement on the Umpqua Community College Shooting

Daily Nexus Opinion co-editor Jackson Kerr shares his thoughts on gun violence in the U.S. in the aftermath of the Umpqua Community College shooting.
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The Trip That Never Ended: The Really Good, the Bad and the Ugly Faces of LSD

Is the trip worth it? Read this account of the journey (and aftermath) before taking LSD
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Sex and Meningitis

Dr. Ali Javanbakht of UCSB's Medical Health Services gives some background on Meningitis B at UCSB.
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UCSB’s Free Speech Problem

Jason Garshfield raises the issue of UCSB's recently changed FIRE rating.
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The Personal Responsibility of Environmentalism

My friend’s sister recently informed me of her bold and ambitious plans for the future. She’s entering her sophomore year of high school now, and along with figuring out what dating and homework p...
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(Re)introducing Question Authority

Run into trouble with the law, or just wondering what your legal rights really are? Lt. Signa is asking for your questions!
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Prepping for Primary Care

Medical director of Student Health Ali Javanbakht demystifies the simple process of getting a primary care provider on campus
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Student Health Building
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Respectability Politics: How ‘Activism’ Hurts ‘Professionalism’

Is professionalism incompatible with voicing your convictions?
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The Cost of Security

Sebastianne Kent explains why she thinks over-policing in I.V. is only part of the problem
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Your Freshman Year Syllabus

Welcome to UCSB! I would like to go over a few things you will hopefully accomplish your first year in college. Think of this as a syllabus of sorts. These are challenges that are all more or less ess...
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Alagie Jammeh Tells his Story

*Editor’s note: This story was removed due to concerns presented by the author regarding its content. For further questions, email eic@dailynexus.com.
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I’ve Got 99 Problems, but Bio Ain’t One

Zoe Manzanetti talks about how she has found happiness in the humanities.
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