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Wild Child Rocks and Max Frost Rock SOhO

Tucked away from plain sight on State Street, SOhO Restaurant and Music Club guests could be heard rocking out before Wild Child’s Friday night event, starting at 9 p.m. SOhO’s convenient layout made migrating between the stage and bar a painless endeavor. Flower Punks were the openers of the evening. Wasting no time to show […]

Treasure Island Festival to Bring Big Festival Vibe to Small San Francisco

A festival with no scheduling conflicts?! If you’ve ever attended a music festival, you understand why that phrase seems to be an even bigger oxymoron than jumbo shrimp. If you’ve never been to one, let me just tell you, the opportunity to see all of the artists present just does NOT happen. That is, of […]

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‘Spirit of India’ Brings Santa Barbara Closer to Indian Culture

The startling yet welcome sound of children’s laughter mixed with the chuckles of the adult audience members in Campbell Hall at “Spirit of India,” performed by the Bollywood Masala Orchestra and Dancers of India. Spirits had been high from the get-go, as many had the chance to learn an energetic Bollywood dance before taking their […]

KCSB’s Hello World! Coming to Anisq’Oyo’ Park Tomorrow

Radiating the sound of reggae music and the smell of delicious foods, Santa Barbara’s independent radio station KCSB-FM 91.9 will be hosting its second annual Hello World! mini-festival this Saturday, Oct. 10, at Anisq’Oyo’ Park in Isla Vista from 1:00 to 7:00 p.m.. As usual, this event is completely free and open to the public. […]

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Script To Screen: ‘American Beauty’ Screenwriter Comes to Discuss Film

Celebrating its 25th episode, the series Script to Screen excels again and brings another Oscar-winning guest in for a screening and a series of analytical questions. After bringing great names to campus like George R.R. Martin, Jennifer Lawrence and Ben Affleck, Matt Ryan of Script to Screen hosted Alan Ball, award-winning screenwriter of American Beauty […]

Tchami Ends Tour at Earl Warren Showgroudns

On the chilly evening of Oct. 3, dance music and hip-hop fans alike gathered at Earl Warren Showgrounds to see performers Too $hort and Tchami. The crowd of excited fraternity brothers and crop-top-clad girls inside the dimly lit and poorly ventilated venue grew rapidly as Bones warmed up the room. An occasional shuffler could be […]

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The Martian is Out of This….Ugh, Please Don’t Make Me Say That.

I will not deny it; writing that headline was somewhat painful. But it’s true: “The Martian,” the adaptation of Andy Weir’s novel, is pretty damn good as a matter of fortunate fact. And, even better, it stands out amongst the other two prominent extraterrestrial survival flicks of recent years, “Gravity” and “Interstellar.” Honestly though, that’s […]

Wild Child Bringing Southern Charm to SOhO Friday

Through sweet ukulele strums and rich trumpet licks, Wild Child captivates audiences like a moth to a flame. The band has seven members, each of which are masters at their respective instruments. The versatility of their instrumentation creates music that sounds simple and yet feels so full. Each instrument, from the guitar to the keyboard, […]

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Neil Young to Perform at Santa Barbara Bowl This Saturday

Timeless purveyor of folk wisdom and noted environmental champion Neil Young has launched another world tour following the June release of his latest studio album, The Monsanto Years. As part of this tour, the wind-burnt Canadian singer-songwriter will take the stage at SB’s Santa Barbara Bowl on Saturday, Oct. 10, along with newly formed backing […]

Eddie Pez – Oedipus – Rex in the Park

An excited and chattery crowd collected in Anisq’Oyo’ Park Saturday night for the opening show of Shakespeare in the Park’s version of Oedipus — Commedia dell’Arte style. Junior BFA actress, Maddie Martin, performed as Dr. Torre and the Dentist in this performance. Along with her fellow cast members, Martin spent the past several weeks mastering […]

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Remy Boy Fetty Releases Explosive Pop Trap Album

The rapid rise to prominence of the Internet as a music discovery platform has revolutionized the genre of hip-hop for good. With this relatively new luxury, music fans around the world have flocked to the liking of 2015 sensation Willie Maxwell II, better known as “Fetty Wap.” His stage name may sound like a joke, […]

Death Cab and Best Coast Kick-Off Santa Barbara Bowl Fall Season

With the 2015 release of Death Cab For Cutie’s Kintsugi came the departure of guitarist Chris Walla. Many feared the group’s sound and stage presence would suffer on tour, myself included. After a life-changing show at the Santa Barbara Bowl last Saturday, however, my worries were quelled. Kintsugi itself is a Japanese art form involving […]

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Vic Mensa Sets Wild Tone For UCSB Schoolyear

A full moon adorned the sky above Storke Tower Saturday as UCSB students lined up to witness Vic Mensa take the stage. As all full moons foreshadow, the night began a tad weird as Community Service Officers (CSOs) allowed eager students to sprint to the unoccupied stage before being forced back into the line for […]

Engineering a Poetry Club

What does a poet look like — the beret-topped face half-hidden behind an obscure novel at Starbucks? Or the stuffy, thick-bearded professor in his book-lined study? Frankie Cunningham eludes both of these archetypes. Few would suspect the fourth-year chemical engineering student, in his sweatshirt and khakis, to be a self-proclaimed “Mad Scientist Poet.” As the […]

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Ratatat were ‘Magnifique’ at the Majestic

Just shy of an hour south of campus, along a relatively quiet downtown Ventura street lies the Majestic Ventura Theater, a 1920’s-style hall that may deserve its self-styling as “the best venue between Los Angeles and San Francisco.” The space is relatively expansive while maintaining a worn-carpet, up-close intimacy. Its gold-moulded proscenium and oversized chandeliers […]