Governor Davis Opens Bids to Out-of-State Energy Suppliers for Long-term Contract

The state is hoping to receive bids as low as 5.5 cents per kilowatt-hour, compared to the 40 or 50 cents Edison and PG&E have been paying.
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Dubya’s Questionable Cabinet

I may hold personal grudges about the promises made in this election due to my firsthand experience at the Republican headquarters' party on election night. In addition to a few too many date offers, ...
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Officials Warn Locals of Increased Levels of Bacteria in Storm Runoff

Campus Point and Depressions surfers beware: Recent rainy weather has lead to an increase in runoff in local creeks and beaches, and prompted Santa Barbara County Environmental Health Services to issu...
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IVFP Advise Residents on Holiday Crime Trends During Winter Break

As Isla Vista prepares for the Winter Break student exodus, the I.V. Foot Patrol has a few suggestions to keep personal belongings from ending up under someone else's tree.
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Faculty Member Faces Scrutiny in Book

Allegations that anthropologists, including one former UCSB professor, deliberately infected a South American Indian tribe with an epidemic and falsified evidence of violence among the group have spar...
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