Snowflakes, It’s Time to Explore Your Shades of Gray

This week: “alternative” sexualities and how completely normal they are. I’ve railed against the concept of binaries in thinking about sexuality before. This approach remains a sore subject for ...
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On Finding True Bromance At Last

This week I want to pay small homage to my roommates, friends and a mildly interesting case study that examines why being authentic and overcoming stereotypes often go hand in hand. Ending up with a s...
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Some Fruit Just Shouldn’t Be Labeled: Why You Can’t Name, Frame or Slap a Sticker on Sexuality

This week I think I’ll talk rather seriously about labels, how stupid I think they are and the definition of sexuality. I apologize in advance, dear readers, for the lack of witty one-liners. I tend...
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Sit Back, Open Your Mind and Spread Your Legs for the Sex Talk Your Parents Didn’t Give You

Hello my lovely new readers, I’m going to skip all of the intro nonsense and get right to it: This is the Wednesday Hump, so let’s talk about sex. But let’s divest our talk of sex from the very ...
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