Court Rules on Miller-Young Case

Feminist Studies professor Mireille Miller-Young was sentenced to 108 hours of community service, 10 hours of anger management, three years of probation and was ordered to pay almost $500 of restitution this month after charges prompted by a confrontation between her and an anti-abortion group protesting on campus this past winter quarter.

Napolitano Crosses the Border, Plans for Future Mexico-UC Collaboration

Last week, University of California President Janet Napolitano concluded a trip to Mexico City, during which she met with Mexican government officials, academics and researchers in an effort to strengthen ties between the UC and Mexico and to encourage collaboration between the parties in a project called the UC-Mexico Initiative.

Local organizations tabled at Isla Vista Earth Day, a festival that capped off the EAB’s Dr. Seuss-themed Earth Week.

Earth Day Festival in People’s Park Ends EAB’s Earth Week

Students and community members celebrated the 44th annual Isla Vista Earth Day hosted by the Associated Students Environmental Affairs Board at People’s Park on Saturday with live music, food and tabling by local organizations.

A.S. Bikes To Retract Lock-in Fee Initiative

The Associated Students Bike Committee is in the process of retracting its fee initiative from the Spring 2014 ballot after the UC Office of the President suggested withholding the initiative and having the University provide the funds instead.

Love and Care: The CYC Vision For California’s New Adoption Legislation

Three UCSB students joined 200 other members of the California Youth Connection, a local youth-led organization dedicated to improving the nation’s foster care system, to meet with legislators in Sacramento earlier this month. CYC met with policymakers to share their vision for improving the foster parent evaluation process, proposing a bill that would require the […]

UCSB Welcomes Journalist Lisa Ling

Former CNN correspondent Lisa Ling will give a lecture today at Campbell Hall, discussing the story of her career aspirations and the various ways journalism has impacted modern-day society. The renowned journalist and author is also the executive producer and host of “Our America,” a documentary television series broadcasted every Tuesday on the Oprah Winfrey […]


Baldwins To Give ‘Last Lecture’ on Life and Love

Janice and John Baldwin — professors of UCSB’s famed Human Sexuality course — will give a Last Lecture at 7:30 p.m. today in Isla Vista Theater, speaking about the trials of love, life and everything in between. The UCSB lecture series, which first began Winter Quarter 2012, includes a student-nominated lecturer who gives a lecture […]

New Legislation To Encourage Voter Registration Among Teens

State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson proposed a bill this month that would allow citizens as young as 15 years old to pre-register to vote upon receiving a learner’s permit or driver’s license. While college campuses have put forth immense efforts toward upping student voter registration, such as UCSB’s record-breaking registration of over 11,000 new voters this […]


UC System To Reconsider Viability of Online Classes

At today’s UC Board of Regents meeting, officials will discuss the future of online courses — which the university has spent $4.3 million to market, despite enrolling just one non-UC student after classes first opened up to non-UC students this winter. While the online program has drawn in roughly 1,700 UC students, the effort to […]

Economics Professor Weighs In on America’s Financial Crisis

Scheduled to take effect at the beginning of 2013, an array of looming federal budget cuts and tax increases collectively referred to as the “fis- cal cliff” were averted by a deal reached just twohours after the midnight deadline, narrowly helping the country avoid a plunge further into recession. Professor Peter Rupert, Chair of UCSB’s […]

Sprout Up Group Launches Campaign to Win Chase American Giving Awards

Sprout Up, the organization previously known as Environmental Education for the Next Generation, launched a campaign this past Sunday to promote the campus group in the second-annual Chase American Giving Awards. Founded by UCSB fifth-year environmental studies major Ryland King, Sprout Up is a nonprofit organization that encourages college students to lead environmental-based education programs […]

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services To Possibly Remove Sea Otter Ban

Next month, California sea otters may finally gain back their legal right to swim freely in waters along the Southern California coastline after 24 years of the marine mammals being banned in a “no otter” management zone stretching from Point Conception down to the Mexican border. United States Fish and Wildlife Services first lobbied to […]