Health and Wellness Columnist Toasts Graduating Gauchos

As We Take Our Last Breath As Undergrads My Fellow Graduates, When you took your first breath on Earth, you underwent a beautiful, irreversible transformation. Before, your lungs were fully immersed in fluid, but your body was now introduced to an alternate input: oxygen. You desperately respired, admitting this new substrate into your body. And […]

The Low Fat Myth: Why A Fat-Deficient Diet Could Prevent a Slim Waistline

At some point, most people have set a New Year’s Resolution to improve some aspect of their health, wellness or fitness. We all know it’s January when every gym in America is offering a New Year’s Special. Navigate through any aisle at the supermarkets, and you’ll see altered packaging of the same old “health foods.” […]

Why A Good Night’s Sleep is Crucial to Your Health

“Sleep is for the weak” and “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” used to be my life mottos until I realized the complete opposite was true. Recent findings confirm the recommendations that have been passed down from our parents and doctors. Sleep is crucial for an optimal mood, immune system and cognitive performance. Unfortunately, as students, […]

Why The Foods You Love Could Be Causing Serious Health Problems

Bread, beer, cake, cereal, cookies, donuts, pancakes, pizza and spaghetti. Are you hungry yet? What do all these things have in common? The answer is not only that they’re all pretty yummy human creations, but also that they are all produced with wheat. Though for years it has been viewed in a positive light, emerging […]

Beneficial Bacterias: The Friends Your Belly is Aching For

When I hear the word bacteria, I still get chills imagining the endless wait on a freezing chair at the doctor’s office with those fluorescent lights glaring at me. Though bacteria has received a bad rap because of its propensity to result in food poisoning or strep throat, many are surprised to learn that there […]

Make the Most of Your Years at UCSB

Ah yes, College. The habits you adopt during your time here are likely to stay with you for life. As I approach my last year at this incredible institution, there are a few tidbits I wish I knew earlier during my career here. Be more conscious about your eating habits. Going to DLG brunch on […]

The Down Low on Dopamine

Do you find yourself taking Facebook breaks every five minutes? Well, it may just be your human nature. According to a recent study conducted by Vanderbilt University, researchers found the neurotransmitter dopamine is concentrated in the brain differently in ‘slackers’ than in ‘go-getters.’ The experiment collected data through a technique known as positron emission tomography, […]

How Spicing Up Your Plate Can Spice Up Your Health: The Truth About Peppers

Watch out salt, pepper just got even spicier! For most of our post-Gerber days, many of us have been aimlessly smothering black pepper on our meals to enhance its taste. Although this act is immediately delectable to the taste buds, what you can’t taste but might be happy to know is that black pepper is […]

When Tech and Health Collide: LOL-ing and Driving

Texting while driving has become NBD. In fact, data from the University of California, San Diego’s Trauma Epidemiology & Injury Prevention Research Center suggests this act is quite widespread among college students. While TWD may seem like a harmless act, most of us remain oblivious to this habit’s potential for real danger. Of the approximately […]

Exercise Your Brain Power: The Smarter Study Break

Contrary to popular belief, research suggests that not all procrastination is bad. In fact, hitting the gym before the books may actually help commit the dreaded Krebs cycle to memory. Conventional health advice consistently demonstrates that working out leads to physical gains (in particular, a “Baywatch” body), but many are surprised to discover that brawn […]

Health’s Newest Pop Sensation: The Latest on Popcorn’s Nutritional Benefits

In recent years, dieticians and health experts have recommended popcorn as a healthy substitute for sweets because of its low fat content and its high insoluble fiber. New findings from the University of Scranton suggest that popcorn may also be a good source of polyphenol antioxidants. This class of antioxidants benefits the body by supplying […]

New Devices Help Users Track Fitness Goals: How One Local Company Marries Tech and Health

As springtime approaches, many of us may have already returned to the couch, having forgotten our ambitious New Year’s resolutions. Nonetheless, we’ve all experienced or seen the “freshman 15” and are aware of the weight gain associated with the habits typically formed in college (hello, late-night Freebirds food babies and beer pong bellies). Consequently, understanding […]

Attention Chocoholics: Scientists Confirm Cocoa As A Healthy Stimulant

As your post-chocolate jitters are winding down from Valentine’s Day, you might actually consider continuing to treat your sweet tooth to benefit from the healthful antioxidants present in dark chocolate. Once a diet “no-no,” certain chocolates actually contain compounds known as flavonols and polyphenols that can lower blood pressure, increase small vessel circulation and even […]

From Fun to Food: Why Ch-ch-ch-Chia is Back

Upon hearing the word “chia,” the first thing that probably comes to mind is the obnoxious catchphrase, “Ch-ch-ch-chia!” Though these little plant pets are nostalgic for some, I’d like to shed light on the newest chia sensation. Contrary to popular belief, ingesting chia seeds will not result in internal plant growth. Rather, the body rapidly […]

Super Snacks & Big Game Bites

Ask any American what their favorite day of the year is and you will almost always find that it’s their birthday or Christmas — or 4/20 if they live in I.V. However, Super Bowl Sunday comes in a close second for many. As football legend Art Donovan once said, “I’m a light eater. As soon […]