Ah yes, College. The habits you adopt during your time here are likely to stay with you for life. As I approach my last year at this incredible institution, there are a few tidbits I wish I knew earlier during my career here.

Be more conscious about your eating habits. Going to DLG brunch on the weekends is among my favorite college pastimes. However, it’s easy to get carried away with the abundance of food available, so be wary when you need to take more than one trip to return all the dishes you’ve used.

Check out Santa Barbara County for what it has to offer. I love it when people ask me where I go or went to school. Almost every time this happens, an interesting conversation come to fruition. Whether we discuss surfing the Pacific Ocean or hiking the Santa Ynez Mountains, there is so much to do within such a close proximity. Take advantage of your highly-valued real estate: there’s a reason you pay a mini-fortune to live here.

Take advantage of the awesome Exercise Sport classes. Though there are some athletic options like fencing or weightlifting, there are also some really cool activities listed. There probably aren’t too many schools in the United States that can teach a hands-on class in sailing.

Start or join an intramural team. This really is a great way to meet people with similar interests. Find a sport that fascinates you and get everyone excited. Over the years, I’ve seen teams create such strong camaraderie’s that their jerseys, chants and secret hand signals are only a fraction of their actions.

And lastly, chill out on the late night food binges. I love eating all the time, especially on the weekends after a good night. Here’s the thing though: sometimes you may find yourself eating as a social activity. It’s okay to occasionally enjoy some 2 a.m. pizza or nachos, but be conscious if you find yourself doing this every other night..

I wish you a healthful upcoming year and hope to continue in providing you with easy dietary and fitness advice you can incorporate to improve your overall well- being. Remember, YOLO isn’t an appropriate justification for a lifestyle that neglects all aspects of your healthy future.