Eggbert: A Year in Review

As the year comes to a close, Eggbert takes time to reflect on some of the advice he’s given over the course of 2017 and add any additional wisdom he’s picked up along the way.
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Ask Eggbert: Important questions for Eggbert

Eggbert the Alien is back again and sharing his universally renown wisdom on all things from budding classroom romances to dirty dishes.
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Ask Eggbert: Study Break

While Eggbert the Alien may be new to Earth, he is not new to the pursuit of knowledge. Here, students ask UCSB’s resident alien a few questions about academia, studying for midterms, writing papers...
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Ask Eggbert: Advice for Incoming Freshmen

In this installment, Eggbert will answer the burning, itchy questions of committed incoming UCSB freshmen as well as prospective students!
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Ask Eggbert: An Advice Column

UCSB’s Resident Alien Answers Your Burning Questions
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