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Students held signs in protest of Napolitano at the UCDC Center.

Student Protesters Take D.C.

Dozens of UC students protested the leadership of UC President Janet Napolitano Monday at the UCDC Center in Washington D.C., where she met with UC graduates and 14 selected students at a special alumni event.

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NBA Trade Deadline Wrap-Up

Staff writer Josh Fiacco examines all players moving around in sports

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On the Move Sports: Update

Freddie Freeman gets paid, big time. The contract is for eight years and $125 million at least. This is a good investment for the Atlanta Braves. They’re showing they’re committed to rebuilding what worked for them during their old dynasty days. Their lineup is solid, especially if third baseman Chris […]

Super Bowl XLVIII: One Game,  Plenty of New Legacies
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Super Bowl XLVIII: One Game, Plenty of New Legacies

Pete Carroll is the Best Coach in the West

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Should I stay or Should I Go, Part 2

On the Move Sports covers professional and college athletes making moves, whether from college to the pros, moving from one league or team to another or free agency and trade buzz.