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 Tahj Boyd, Clemson: Entering 2014 NFL Draft, stayed too long

Boyd had a chance to be a top pick last season, but decided to return for another season at Clemson. The dual-threat QB had a solid season, but scouts also realized his limitations and might be hesitant to designate him a franchise quarterback. Boyd will still be considered on day one of the draft, but don’t be shocked if he falls down into round three to five on draft day.

Derek Carr, Fresno State: Likely entering 2014 NFL Draft, Right on time [Senior]

Carr is riding a lot of hype right now, and with several first-round candidates staying in school (Marcus Mariota of Oregon, Brett Hundley of UCLA), he will be looking to capitalize and go in the first round, possibly even the top 10. Carr is a senior, so he will be entering the draft.

However, if he had been eligible for another season, he likely would have come back to school in order to show that his skills are legitimate and will transfer to the NFL. Expect Carr to ultimately be drafted after Teddy Bridgewater, Johnny Manziel, and Blake Bortles, possibly even falling to the early second round.

Zach Mettenberger, LSU: Entering 2014 NFL Draft, stayed too long

Mettenberger was a hot prospect last season with his big arm giving him first-round hype. However, he chose to forgo the draft and return to LSU, which ultimately resulted in him tearing his ACL. Scouts still see the potential in his arm and large frame, but the injury will hurt him on draft day.

AJ McCarron, Alabama: Entering 2014 NFL Draft, right on time

McCarron is the one quarterback who should be getting first round draft hype but for some reason is not. He’s a proven champion and in his senior year he showed he was more than a game-manager. Despite his average skill set, AJ was second in the Heisman voting and showed the ability to play mistake-free football. After the top 4 elite prospects are off the board, I expect McCarron to be a surprise riser in the 2014 draft.

Logan Thomas, Virginia tech: Entering 2014 NFL Draft, stayed too long

See: Mettenberger, but instead of an injury, Thomas was hurt by sup-par performance. Thomas has the big body and strong arm to be considered a number one overall prospect, but has fallen off the radar after failing to live up to his potential. Expect Thomas to get drafted in the later rounds, with a team banking on him as a project with a lot of accuracy and decision-making development ahead of him.