Partying at Sundown

A few weeks ago, a group of Isla Vista's finest Foot Patrol officers served and protected our community by issuing my roommate a citation for violating the infamous midnight noise ordinance.
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The Only Bad Kind of Recycling

I walk to school almost everyday. Although this half-hour trek does takes a toll on my reserved energy, I still walk. Although my round-trip travel time is often longer than my class time itself, I st...
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Bible Pervades Society, Preaches Unholy Message

I just finished watching the MTV special about Matthew Shepard. He was a homosexual who became the victim of a vicious hate crime that killed him. Two young men offered him a ride home, and one of the...
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Leg Council May as Well Ban ‘Bad’ Food

On Nov. 15, 2000, the Associated Students Legislative Council considered eliminating the sale of tobacco products on campus. What a wonderful notion. Why not take away adults' legal right to purchase ...
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