Better at a Festival: Sound Tribe Sector 9 Didn’t Deliver the Goods at the Wiltern

I’m a latecomer with jam bands, never having listened to the Dead or Phish as a kid. However, I’ve seen my share of funky goodness while traveling around from festival to festival over the...
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Greensky Bluegrass Transports Listeners at L.A.’s Troubadour

I stepped out of the foggy Santa Monica night and into another world. The Dead Winter Carpenters were finishing up their opening set for Greensky Bluegrass at the Troubadour, one of L.A.’s best ...
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Cirque de Freq Proves Itself as an Antidote from I.V. Halloween

On Halloween night, thousands of students fled Isla Vista to get their kicks in places where noise ordinances, Orwellian police density and the sort of people that stay in Isla Vista for Halloween are...
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