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UCSB Dominates in Preseason Exhibition

The large number of tortillas flying onto the field made the match seem like a regular season rivalry game, yet the UCSB men’s soccer team’s 6-1 victory over Westmont College this past Saturday served as the Gauchos’ lone preseason match of the year. “I was excited to see this group […]


Santa Barbara Airport Opens More Modern Terminal

The Santa Barbara Airport opened its new terminal on August 18 to improve services and amenities for the 750,000 passengers travelling annually through the Goleta airfield. The $54 million project consists of a new 72,000 square foot terminal featuring a departure lounge, a new security screening area, improved food service […]


Dating Site Plays Matchmaker Within Campus Communities

Looking for a college sweetheart? Log in to, a dating website created by Columbia University students Balazs Alexa and Jean Meyer that matches students across departments within the same school and throughout campuses nationwide. The site — exclusive to students and active alumni — officially launched at UCSB on […]


Major Teaching Nonprofit Recruits Gaucho Grads

Teach for America, a renowned nonprofit public service program that seeks to bridge the gap between underprivileged school children and recent university graduates, accepted 42 UCSB graduates among this year’s 5,200 recruits. The organization saw a record-breaking applicant pool in 2011 including 48,000 graduates from 1,500 universities, with UCSB placing […]


LGBTQ Support Garners Recognition for UCSB

The nonprofit organization for queer advocacy Campus Pride added UCSB to its list of 33 colleges nationwide with a perfect 5-star LGBT-Friendly Campus Climate Index rating for its support of the LGBTQ community. The university hosts several campus groups designed to support the queer community including Beyond the Binary, Friendly […]