Looking for a college sweetheart? Log in to DateMySchool.com, a dating website created by Columbia University students Balazs Alexa and Jean Meyer that matches students across departments within the same school and throughout campuses nationwide.

The site — exclusive to students and active alumni — officially launched at UCSB on August 17 and pairs users based on their academic priorities, extracurricular activities and career goals. Additionally, the networking site connects users to over 30,000 potential friends, study partners and work contacts.

According to DateMySchool’s Director of Public Relations Melanie Wallner, the site offers privacy options and incorporates the advantages of a restricted dating pool.

“DateMySchool uses current technology to safely and easily connect college and university students and alumni with each other. It’s anonymous, safe, exclusive and free,” Wallner said in an e-mail. “Because DMS members attend the same school or a school nearby … members understand, trust and relate to one another in a way that they cannot on other dating sites that match users based on their zip codes.”

The site is completely subscription fee free and matches users from over 350 schools nationwide. Wallner said most users land dates within 30 minutes and can now even boast they put a ring on it.

“We have been very successful — we actually just had a recent marriage and there’s been countless numbers of couples who’ve met on the site,” Wallner said.

— Staff Report