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Nuglets of Wisdom: Just ‘Cause You Can’t See Them, Doesn’t Mean They Can’t See You

The death of Lucas Ransom was a blow to the UCSB community and to the nation. The following is not meant to tarnish his memory. Although circumstances were grim, Lucas died pursuing one of his passions. May we all be as fortunate. Most of the time, I surf carefree, unfettered […]

Golic Brings “Serbian Fever” to the Pool
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Golic Brings “Serbian Fever” to the Pool

On a team full of eccentric people, senior utility Milos Golic of the men’s water polo stands out above the rest. The Belgrade, Serbia native brings a unique intensity and drive the game.

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Walk-along with Chancellor Yang – Halloween 2010

The Daily Nexus Staff walks with Chancellor Henry T. Yang around Isla Vista the Saturday before Halloween 2010.

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Armchair QB

AQB dedicates this edition of AQB to Sunday mornings. Halloween destroyed him, but and Sunday morning football eased him into the day well enough to write this blurb.

Eminent Historian Traces Trends in Conservatism

Eminent Historian Traces Trends in Conservatism

UCSB history professor Laura Kalman recently published a book that she spent the last 30 years writing and researching.