On Sunday April 28, the Associated Students organization held the annual Pardall Carnival, marking the beginning of sunnier, warmer spring weather. The carnival featured the recognizable Ferris wheel set up in the middle of Pardall St., a variety of tabling organizations, churros, carnival games, a mechanical bull, and much more. 

As carnival attendees gathered on the somewhat narrow I.V. street, smiles and laughs could be seen all around. Unique games such as a ring toss activity in which players wore vision-distorting goggles and had soap bubbles blown at them, not only entertained, but taught players about the effects of alcohol on perception. Clubs and organizations handed out stickers, T-shirts, snacks, and other goodies to those who came to learn about their causes. Upbeat melodies further fostered an atmosphere of enjoyment and happiness and people could be seen dancing in various corners with their friends. 

Local businesses such as Cozy and Sweet Jane also benefited from this increased traffic past their storefronts, attracting customers in mass amounts. Blenders cups were visible in all directions, signifying the increasing popularity of their smoothies on warmer days. 

Student volunteers, musicians, artists, and vendors gathered to make this carnival a success by contributing their efforts in its organization and presence. This exciting event showcased the diversity and engagement of the UCSB and I.V. communities, speaking to the caring environment community members strive to create all around.