The Associated Students Elections Board announced its candidate slate on April 15 one week ahead of the 2024 Spring Quarter General Election.

UC Santa Barbara students can cast their ballots starting April 22, with polls closing April 26. 

Students are vying for five executive positions on the ballot — Associated Students (A.S.) President, Internal Vice President (IVP), External Vice President for Local Affairs (EVPLA), External Vice President for Statewide Affairs (EVPSA) and Student Advocate General (S.A.G.) — as well as a variety of positions within the A.S. Senate.

The senate positions include four Letters and Science Senators, Engineering Senator, Creative Studies Senator, 12 Off-Campus Senators, five On-Campus Senators, University Owned Off-Campus Senator, Transfer Senator and two International Senators. 

The Nexus was not able to obtain some candidates’ years and majors at UCSB.

The candidates for A.S. President are second-year computer science major Ephraim Shalunov, third-year sociology major Jazmyne Gates and third-year political science and sociology double major Nayali Broadway. 

The candidates for IVP are third-year art major Açucar Pinto and third-year chemistry major Eric Carlson.

The candidates for EVPLA are third-year history of public policy and law major Owen Meyers and second-year political science major Renee Faulk. 

Third-year communication and sociology double major Monica Mekhlouf is running unopposed for EVPSA, and second-year computer science major Alvin Wang is running unopposed for S.A.G.

Four people are running for the four vacant Letters and Science Senator positions: first-year global studies Leah Khorsandi, third-year history and philosophy double major Noura Elkhatib, third-year communication major Jacob Min and first-year pre-economics major Jacob Salvesen.

Two students — second-year computer science major Aryaman Singh and third-year computer science major Cheng Xi — are running for the one vacant Engineering Senator position, and one student — third-year art major Lily Habas — is running for the vacant Creative Studies Senator position.

17 students are running for the 12 Off Campus Senator positions: third-year history of art and architecture and anthropology double major Caroline Lankarani, first-year dance major Corelle Gabay, first-year pre-biology major Dalia Gerson, second-year political science and philosophy double major Dan Siddiqui, second-year, Dominic Wang, first-year pre-biology major Eemaan Wahidullah, second-year history and global studies double major Enri Lala, first-year linguistics major Jacob Rosen, third-year sociology major Jasmine Amin, second-year Julia Warsing, first-year Justin Shirazian, third-year psychological & brain sciences major Leiya Kadah, first-year environmental studies major Levi Corlew, third-year communication and political science major Lloyd Yoo, third-year political science major Paolo Brinderson, third-year communication and economics double major Taylor Iden, and second-year political science major Yasmine Suuck.

Two students are running for the five available On-Campus Senator positions: second-year applied mathematics major Alexander Arambula and first-year history of public policy and law major Joshaua Medeiros. Two students — third-year communication major Alexis Telford and third-year computer science major Mariana Rosillo — are running for the one vacant University Owned Off-Campus Senator position.

Three students — third-year communication major Elad Farahmandfar, third-year sociology major Isabella McClintock and third-year computer science major Ivan Hernandez — are running for the one Transfer Senator position, and four students — second-year communication and German major Ella Yu, and Ethan More, second-year political science major MingJun Zha and second year film and media studies major Sandy Ganesh — are running for the two International Senator positions.

The Nexus will publish an elections guide outlining each senate candidate’s answers to its questionnaire, as well as an endorsement for each executive position.


Alex Levin
Alex Levin (he/him) is the University News Editor for the 2023-24 school year. Previously, Levin was the Assistant News Editor for the 2022-2023 school year. He can be reached at