After the success of its specialty winter menu, KOZY Coffee has recently transitioned into a new spring menu that is full of refreshing drinks perfect for the new season. The spring menu is quite diverse in drinks and offers something for everyone. Still, being the coffee enthusiast who reviewed their winter holiday drinks, this menu has broadened my horizons at KOZY and I was pleasantly surprised. Here are my honest reviews:

Honey lavender latte 10/10

One bad experience with lavender is enough to deter you away from the flavor forever. I had a bad lavender coffee experience a couple of months ago and haven’t ordered anything lavender-flavored since — until now. I was reluctant to go try the honey lavender latte, but it’s safe to say that my faith in lavender coffee has been restored and I will be ordering it more often. The subtle notes of lavender mixed with honey make for a refreshing latte that’s neither too sweet nor overpowering. The lavender merely enhances an already delicious KOZY staple — it is definitely my favorite off of the new menu. 

Strawberry matcha 9/10

This strawberry matcha drink tastes natural, perfectly sweet, and guaranteed to turn any matcha skeptic into a fanatic. Kendra Martinez / Daily Nexus

Any matcha drink that is able to turn a firm believer that all matcha tastes like grass into a matcha fiend deserves recognition. The strawberry matcha latte did just that. The makers of the drink definitely made the right call in using strawberry puree for the flavoring instead of traditional strawberry syrup. The naturalness of the puree gives the drink enough flavor without it being too sweet. The matcha had an interesting yet enjoyable aftertaste that keeps you wanting more and, quite frankly, I don’t know if any other matcha drink can compare. It was a close second on my list. 

Strawberry lavender lemonade 7/10

Refreshing, perfect for a hot summer day, and certainly packs a punch, what more can be said about this strawberry lavender lemonade? Kendra Martinez / Daily Nexus

A nice alternative to the caffeinated drinks, the strawberry lavender lemonade was very flavorful and I can totally see it being the go-to drink on the warmer spring days. The strawberry and lavender gave the lemonade a refreshing taste, but a word of caution to those who may not be used to strong flavors: this combination can be a little overpowering. The drink would be slightly better if the syrup measurements were dialed back a little bit.

Salted caramel cold brew 7/10

White it is quite delicious with a perfectly sweet cold foam, the salted caramel cold brew falls short in the salted caramel flavor department. Kendra Martinez / Daily Nexus

After trying the Nutcracker cold brew from their winter menu, the salted caramel cold brew pales in comparison. The full effect of the flavor did not kick in until all of the cold foam was mixed into the cold brew. Once it did, the caramel was really subtle. Because I’m not the biggest caramel fan, the drink was quite delicious and the cold foam was perfectly sweet. However, given the name, I was expecting more of the salted caramel notes to come through. 

All in all, the KOZY spring menu is a hit. The two drinks everyone should try are definitely the honey lavender latte and the strawberry matcha. They would be the perfect pick-me-ups after finals this week or the right way to kick off spring quarter after break.